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What The Critics Say:

“Shirley is a master of the design

of fictional character."

-Melissa Lee-Houghton

     Author and reviewer for The Short Review


“His people feel like real people. This collection of tightly written, closely observed stories marks a memorable debut in the world of fiction. ”

  -Mark Childress

Author of One Mississippi and Crazy in Alabama


“Shirley has the uncanny ability to create powerful characters that are complicated enough to be interesting, yet simple enough to be believable." 


     Reviewed by Abby Margulies


“I strongly encourage you to pick up this superb collection of Southern Gothic fiction." 

 -Enter the Octopus .com

Matt Staggs

"... tales that can hold their own, even stand out, in the proud tradition of Southern storytelling."

       - Sonny Brewer

          Author of The Poet of Tolstoy Park, and         Cormac, The Tale of a Dog Gone Missing  

"His characters may not want us to cry for them, but they demand our understanding, something Shirley even at his darkest makes not only easy but immensely enjoyable.

 -First Draft

     Reviewed by Kirk Curnutt

       Author of Breathing Out the Ghost


                   "A master storyteller."                        -Portico Jackson

Nan Graves Goodman



The White Lie now available

Advertising executive Peter Brantley is carjacked at gunpoint when a drug bust goes bad at a Jackson, Mississippi, bus station near where he is stopped at a traffic light. After the carjacker instructs Peter to drive to a deserted, rural area, Peter knows he will be murdered as a witness. The plan he comes up with to save himself—and get even with the type of criminals responsible for his brother Christopher’s death by drug overdose—leads him and his spunky wife, Mary Beth, deeper and deeper into dangers they have never before imagined as they are pitted against a ruthless drug kingpin and a drug task-force leader, both quickly closing in.

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My Short Fiction Collection now available from the author

My collection of short stories, Oh Don't You Cry For Me, was released in 2008 from Jefferson Press with pleasing critical acclaim, after being selected as a finalist for The Jefferson Prize. One story was anthologized in Stories from the Blue Moon Café IV and others have appeared in numerous magazines and literary journals.

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Sweet Spot: 125 Years of Baseball and the Louisville Slugger, co-authored with business writer David Magee and with foreword by Ken Griffey Jr., was released by Triumph Books, an imprint of Random House Publishing Group, in May 2009. The book has been featured on Fox Business News, Louisville public radio's "Studio 619," the L.A. Times and Ron Kaplan's Baseball Bookshelf.

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Sweet Spot: 125 Years of Baseball and the Louisville Slugger, with many never-before-seen photos, tells us how a family-owned woodshop near the falls of the Ohio River became one of the most recognizable brand names in all of sports. Learn the cultural history of the events, personalities and social background that created the opportunity for baseball to emerge as America's greatest pastime.


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About the author

Although born in Alabama, I've lived briefly in Texas and Florida but now live near Madison, Mississippi, on the Barnett Reservoir with my wife, the painter Virginia Shirley and a black lab named Miles To Go Before I Sleep. In addition to publishing fiction and non-fiction, I'm Chairman and CEO of GodwinGroup, the South’s oldest ad agency.

My fiction, speech and feature writing has received numerous awards, which along with $1.76 will get a medium sized cup of Italian Roast coffee near my office. In addition to a novel coming out this summer, I've just completed another novel that will soon be in the market for an agent.


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